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Soul Food Sound

The Soul Food Band is a combination of the Finest Ingredients:

It includes a group of Seasoned Musicians, Singers and Songwriters from the Mile High City and other great cities in the United States.

SFB not only covers todays and yesterdays hits but 

loves to create their own Entree of Positive and Encouraging music, not, just for this Generation but the Next.


Soulful, Funky, Jazz, R&B, Old School, Neo-Soul, Gospel, Rock, Latin Flava with a dash of Country and Hip-Hop.

Just as the body needs food, so does our soul.

That's how the name "Soul Food Band" was created.

To Renew, Inspire and Strengthen our Mind and Soul through music.

"Don't Be Eye Candy, Be Soul Food"

We may not all speak the same tongue on this earth but we ALL have one thing in common ......... Music! The Universal Language.

Whether it be that Funky Groove or Angelic Harmonies.

It collaborates with each and everyone of us Deep within our Soul.

Once you have had a Taste of The "Soul Food Band" and their

Uplifting Vibe on or off the stage you will want to come back for seconds.

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